The best cup of coffee to warm you for this Christmas

Published by João Filipe Costa

  • 1. Start by choosing your favorite brand of coffee. You know, the one that when you open the package gives you a chill down the spine.

  • 2. The most difficult choice: Milk or Water. If you are older chances are you prefer water, but for us youngsters milk as a sweeter taste.

  • 3. Use a kettle, not the microwave. Heat your liquid until bubbles star to appear. Why a kettle? Why not, it's more traditional and supposed to give more flavour.

  • 4. Now, 2 or 3 tablespoons of coffee first. Mix well!

  • 5. A pinch of Cinnamon. And a pinch of Nutmeg. Mix it, don't worry if it doesn't dissolve completely, it's expected

  • 6. By now you should start to feel like Christmas has come early. Told you!

  • 7. Add now some liquid caramel, just a few drops, so that you don't overweld the coffee itself.

  • 8. Finally the pièce de résistance: vanilla extract. A few drops also.

  • 9. And if you want go all the way: join some whipped cream, with some chocolate chips and almonds.

  • 10. And voilá, your perfect drink. Hope you enjoy it!