How to build something great

Published by Alberto Roldán

  • To begin, think about something that can improve people life. C'mon think about it.

  • Do you have it? Awesome! Now, why are you going to do that and not any other thing?

  • Cool! Now that you know two very important things, ask yourself: How can I do it? What do I need?

  • Keep it simple, and think about one thing. How would it be perfect for you?

  • And now, ask your family, friends and team. How would it be perfect for them?

  • Okay, this is getting serious. You have to do something beautiful and functional. It won't be easy.

  • Once you have it, join your ideas and start working on it.

  • Don't do it only for the money, do it because you love what you do. The money will come later. If you're only focused on making money, you will not reach your objective in most of the times.

  • Now, there’s no further limit than your creativity and hard work. I can't help you anymore so, think about it, build it and show it to the world.