Wunderlist New Tab

Replace your New Tab page with a lightweight version of Wunderlist that lets you quickly add new to-dos to your lists. Ideas can strike like lightning. Now when they come to mind, you can instantly capture them just by opening a new tab. The Wunderlist New Tab extension replaces your stock “New Tab” page, so you can easily create and check-off a to-do from your Wunderlist Inbox.

Connecting to Wunderlist New Tab

Here's a quick guide on how to set up your Wunderlist New Tab integration

  1. Visita la Google Chrome Web Store, busca Wunderlist New Tab o haz clic en el botón Agregar a continuación.
  2. Haz clic en el botón azul Agregar a Chrome, en la parte superior derecha de la ventana emergente de la extensión.
  3. Abre una nueva pestaña, selecciona “Iniciar sesión en Wunderlist”, inicia sesión con tu cuenta de Wunderlist y empieza a agregar tareas a Wunderlist.

Where do I go for support? Visit Wunderlist New Tab Support