Wunderlist for freelancers

As a freelancer, you have to constantly keep up the momentum of completing work while obtaining new projects the same time. You also have to keep track of expenses, invoices, project ideas, and client communication. It’s no surprise that it often feels like there’s not enough hours in a day.

Expertly juggle all your projects

With Wunderlist, you can create a list for each of your projects complete with due dates and reminders. For example, if you’re writing an article for a magazine, start by collecting inspiration from the web using the Add to Wunderlist browser extension. Then, attach a draft of your work to a to-do with Files, share the list with your editor, and assign them the task of reviewing the material. Keep an eye on the Activity Center for a notification of when they’ve checked off the to-do so you can review comments and work on the next draft.

Design freelancer attaching files in a task with HTC1

Wunderlist for your shop

Running a boutique takes a lot of dedication! There’s a million to-dos to track, manage and delegate. To start you have to order inventory, manage the accounting, create the staff rosters and set-up the window displays. You are always on the run and, well, carrying around paper reminders is not exactly convenient.

Shop owner's list overview on a white iPhone 5s

Daily tasks that won’t be forgotten

Enter Wunderlist. It’s available across all devices, especially that handy smartphone that is always in your pocket. This means you can add all the things that need to get done, set-up reminders, and tick off the to-dos you go along. So, cleaning the shop might be a daily recurring to-do while ordering the catering for the holiday party (before everything is booked up again!) might get an annual reminder. You can also Assign tasks to your team so they don’t forget what is needed to be done each day.

Wunderlist for your startup

If you work at a startup, you might be the only person in your “department.” Your potential is limitless, then again, so are your to-do lists. You have lots of big ideas but let’s face it, it’s the actual implementation that counts.

Unlimited assistance

Luckily, you can rely on Wunderlist. With Unlimited Subtasks in Wunderlist, you can break down huge projects into smaller to-dos so you can track progress without having a nervous breakdown. Let’s say you’re a one person HR team. You can create a list with recruiting ideas as they occur to you (thanks to cross-device syncing this could be outside the office). Or, keep a list of all the required documentation required for onboarding someone. You can even share your lists with management so they’re kept in the loop, without having to send one of those dreaded weekly email sum

A Startup's subtask overview on a Macbook Pro Retina

Wunderlist for your enterprise

Launching new initiatives and expanding into markets abroad requires clear communication between various teams across different continents and time zones. It can be overwhelming and downright stressful. There’s so much to coordinate that it can even be hard to know where to start and more importantly, who is responsible.

Enterprise project management and list overview on Chromebook OS

Huge tasks simplified

Wunderlist makes the seemingly impossible, possible! Start by making a list for the project and share it with all stakeholders to track the team’s progress. Assign tasks to individuals so everyone has a clear understanding of their role and corresponding responsibilities. Set deadlines and Recurring Tasks, to ensure no deadline is missed. Attach important presentation decks, reports, and spreadsheets to a to-do and share with the team. They can then provide important feedback via Comments, no matter where they are based, or what device they are using.

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