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Wunderlist for Business makes it easy to manage all your team’s projects with centralized communication and unlimited collaboration features. Start your free trial and join over 50,000 businesses that use Wunderlist everyday.

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All your team’s work, in one place

Wunderlist for Business keeps all of your team’s communication together with your to-dos. Say goodbye to endless emails and hello to seamless collaboration.

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A list for every project

Wunderlist is made for collaboration. Simple and easy to use, shared lists let you manage your team’s projects and gives everyone in your team a clear overview of who’s responsible for every to-do.



Keep everyone on track and add accountability. Delegate to-dos in your shared lists and accomplish more together.



Expand on your ideas and capture all the details with Notes.



From inception to project delivery, Files let your team share their work and get instant feedback about their to-dos.



Start conversations with your team to share insights, add clarity and give feedback. Wunderlist’s Comments keep them all together with your to-dos and out of your inbox.

Secure access from anywhere

Whether you’re working from your phone, tablet or computer, Wunderlist’s 256-bit-encrypted Real-time Sync safely keeps all your lists at your fingertips.

Keeping everyone in the loop

Get updates on team progress without meetings. The Activity Center keeps everyone in the loop when a colleague creates, completes or comments on a to-do.

Create to-dos from email and the web

With Mail to Wunderlist and the Add to Wunderlist browser extensions, it’s easy to create to-dos straight from your inbox and save anything you find on the web.

Centralized administration

Wunderlist for Business brings you simple administration with the business panel. Easily purchase a monthly or annual subscription with PayPal or credit card. Then, simply invite new members to your subscription or manage existing ones.

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Share lists

Share your lists with colleagues, friends and family.


Host all your communication in one place, accessible for all.

Real-time sync

Sync your lists seamlessly across all your devices.

All your devices

Free on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows and the Web.


Add a Reminder to make sure no to-do is forgotten.

Due Dates

Set Due Dates so that no deadline is missed.


Add Notes to make sure all your ideas are captured.


Updates via push, email and in-app notifications.

Mail to Wunderlist

Turn emails into actions by simply forwarding them.

Add to Wunderlist

Easily add anything from the web straight to your Wunderlist.


Use hashtags to add more context to your to-dos.


Print your to-dos and lists with just one click.

Common questions

  • Wunderlist for Business incorporates group licensing of Wunderlist Pro for easy team collaboration, management and billing. With all the features of Wunderlist Pro, as well as unified billing and account flexibility, Wunderlist for Business is perfect for every team.

  • All Wunderlist users can create and share lists with each other! Only Pro users can take advantage of unlimited file storage, task assignments, commenting, and subtasks, though.

  • Upgrading to Wunderlist for Business is easy! Just click here, enter your team size and preferred billing cycle, and you’re good to go. Your lists, tasks, and settings will stay just like you have them. Be sure to cancel any existing individual Pro subscriptions. For details on how to do this, follow this link.

  • Your team admin can make changes to the subscription size and allocate licenses to team members through the business panel menu on Click here to get there right away.

  • We offer a 20% discount for non-profit and educational organizations on Wunderlist for Business! To take advantage of this discount, contact!

  • Wunderlist for Business is designed to be quick to install, easy to use, and instantly impactful! Do check out our videos on YouTube and if you need a helping hand, reach out to the business team. We’d be delighted to give you a demo or suggest ways to get the most out of Wunderlist.

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