The latest features in Microsoft To-Do
Mac app, list groups, assigning and a whole lot more!

August 28, 2019 - Comments

Here at Wunderlist HQ we’ve been hard at work bringing exciting features to our new app, Microsoft To-Do. In fact, some of your most requested features have arrived. Let’s take a closer look at our new Mac app, list groups and task assigning.

Say hello to the Mac app

Our Mac app joined the family back in July, meaning you can now access To-Do across all platforms. If you’ve already been using To-Do, then the Mac app will feel very familiar. You can work offline, add tasks to My Day, see your flagged email in your Flagged email list, as well as sharing your lists with colleagues or friends and family.

But there’s more! Press ⌘2 and To-Do will move into the minimized view. Choose Stay in Front in the Window menu and you can work on that project while always keeping an eye on your tasks. Want to go back to seeing all your lists? ⌘1 will get you there. And if you like hearing about what’s under the hood, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s 100% native, built with AppKit.

Focus on what matters with list groups

List groups are a simple way to organize your lists. Heading off on a holiday? Create a group by clicking or tapping on the icon next to New List, name your group, and you’re ready to go. You can drag your packing list, your books to read, the list of things you need to organize, and those restaurants you want to check out into your vacation list group.

Need to concentrate on work and forget about the upcoming vacation? Close your vacation group and open your work group. List groups will help you get even more stuff done by letting you focus only on those lists you need, when you need them.

Delegate effectively with task assignments

With tasks assignments in To-Do you can now share the load on a big project or on those household chores. Share a list, and then click on a task to see the detail view. From there you can assign the task to yourself or to others.

We also have the Assigned to Me smart list which will show you all the tasks assigned to you across all your lists. Now all you have to do is add those tasks to My Day and start checking them off.

While those were our most requested features, we’ve also added a few more that you might like, such as dark mode and multi-account switching on Android and Windows (coming to iOS and Mac soon), and our very popular flagged email and Planner integrations.

Want to try it out? Head here to see more details or hit that download button. Talk to us over on Twitter or Facebook and let us know what you think of the new features.

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